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Linh Vũ & Philippe – 10 Years Wedding Anniversary

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10 năm bên nhau, chia sẻ cùng nhau bao đắng, ngọt, cay, bùi.

10 năm bên nhau, Linh và Philippe chẳng bao giờ có “chiến tranh nội bộ”, khó khăn đều đến từ bên ngoài, cả hai luôn cùng cạnh nhau đón đỡ, vượt qua chẳng ít thăng trầm.

Gửi tới Philip, cô dâu Linh Vũ gửi gắm tâm tư của mình qua tấm giấy nhỏ:

“10 years together, not a long time, not a short. In this journey of joy, you are my friend, my guide, and my husband.

But more than that, you are the one who turned me into a princess in this real life. You love and care for me unconditionally.

I am stubborn at times, you, however, always smile.
I stay up late at night, you never miss a chance to wait.
I have troubles at work, you calmly observe and kindly guide me.

You always spare time to make me happy even though your work is beyond busy. Thank you for your endless love and understanding, waiting for me to be more mature.

Let me today keep standing with you, being your princess for 10 years past and many years to come.

Love you.”

A Tailor-made Wedding by PhiLinh

Client: Linh Vũ – Philippe Lavoisier
Design, Décor & Flower: PhiLinh Wedding & Decoration
Photo: Sapia Wedding, Tada Wedding Film
Planner: Ms. Thao Vu

Location: Paragon Resort




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